Motherfed offers one-on-one lactation consults and IBCLC-facilitated group clinics. We love working closely with families – call or message us so we can begin our work with you and your baby.

We highly recommend a prenatal lactation visit to help you set the stage for a strong milk supply and a relaxing breastfeeding experience. It’s also a great way to get to know your IBCLC team before your baby arrives!

Your postpartum visit may include observation of nursing / feeding by bottle or other tool, weighted feed, assessment of baby's oral structure with relation to feeding, breast assessment, breastfeeding history / milk expression history.

Motherfed carries the Ameda Pearl hospital grade multi user breast pumps (for rent or purchase); pump flanges, flange inserts, and connectors in all sizes; feeding tubes, slow flow bottle nipples, nipple shields, and other breastfeeding-friendly feeding tools; lactation supportive supplements; and other products you may find useful during your nursing season.

Your OT/PT visit highly depends on the needs of you and your child, and where you are in your journey. Your story and history are the most important aspect of the initial visit and will help guide your specific/specialized treatment plan. 

Group clinics are limited to current clients and offer an additional option in followup care. If you have questions, please contact your primary IBCLC directly or call (385) 304-4289.