Alison Smart


(385) 304-4253

Alison Smart has been a physical therapist since 1996, and an IBCLC since 2015. Her physical therapy work in a community hospital and as an in-home provider included a special emphasis on working with pediatric and adult patients recovering from neurological injuries, particularly stroke, traumatic brain injury, and developmental disabilities. As she welcomed and nursed her three children, she discovered the value of accurate information and personalized support in breastfeeding success.

Her road to becoming an IBCLC took shape in 2009 with her volunteer role with La Leche League, helping other mothers find confidence and joy in caring for their babies. Alison’s interdisciplinary approach allows her to find practical solutions to a variety of problems.

In her free time, Alison enjoys snow skiing with her family and shuttling her children to music and tennis lessons.